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By Sarah Finley For Mailonline. The founder of dating app Hinge has revealed he created the app to cure his own broken heart and says that other social media apps are addictive. Justin McLeod, 35, from New York, revealed after breaking up with the love of his life he ‘built the app for himself. He went on to reveal that he met the love of his life at college, but let her go due to his battle with alcoholism – but once he got sober regretted it. Talking to the Telegraph he also spoke about how addictive and destructive social media can be: They’re hacking your biology and your neurochemistry to keep you coming back. The parallels to addiction are really striking. Justin McLeod, 35, from New York, revealed after breaking up with the love of his life he ‘built the app for myself. While he also thinks that social media is as addictive as drugs and alcohol: ‘Honestly I probably wouldn’t have been drunk if we had social media back then. The drug of choice is now social media, which is free and just as destructive. Revealing more about his lost love he said that when his old girlfriend in college, which he tried to reconnect with, rejected him again it was the catalyst behind starting the app in

Hawks CEO keeps promise to foot bill for Tinder ‘Swipe Right Night’ couple’s wedding

The mere mention of Ben Askren can turn people into crazed rage monsters, and that goes for MMA fans the world over. Speaking with MMAFighting. I’m not saying that about a champion. The stereotype of Americans in Asia is being loudmouth, arrogant and bragging, all this kind of stuff.

Ben Silbermann during NewCo Shift Forum Ben Silbermann is a founder and C The Best Honest Tinder Bios for Your Myers Briggs Type Entj And Infj,​.

All of these stories are interesting, and undoubtedly more details will come out over the next few days. At the same time, by virtue of looking at events that occurred over the past few weeks or months or even years, they all fundamentally miss the point. The date that matters when it comes to understanding these resignations is April 9, , and the people most responsible are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. MG Siegler wrote at the time , in a remarkably prescient synopsis:. That is: quick, social sharing — and a desire to share photos from places.

Instagram took off like a rocket, and had 10 million users in a year; that number would triple within the next six months, and was set to grow even faster when the startup finally launched an Android version, which racked up 1 million downloads in 24 hours. Technically speaking, Instagram was a company. In practice, though, Instagram was a product, and its business model was venture capital funding.

Instagram would not only need to continue growing its user base, it would also have to scale its infrastructure, figure out a business model ok fine, advertising , build up tools to support that business model first a sales team, then a self-serve model, plus tracking and targeting capabilities , all while fighting off larger and more established companies — particularly Facebook — that were waking up to the threat Instagram posed to their hold on user attention.

It is a defensible choice for Instagram anyways; not for the regulators that approved the deal , but the implication is that, title notwithstanding, Systrom was never the CEO of Instagram; to be a CEO is to have a company that can stand on its own. Facebook launched in February, , and sold its first ad two months later. He was indeed, in title and in practice.

Next move for Tinder’s fallen execs? Backing a college party app

There’s always your first and Grant Langston’s it. He’s the first chief executive I’ve met who’s recorded half-a-dozen albums, toured Europe with his support band, the Supermodels , played as a warm-up act to Ben Harper and written music for TV and film, including the HBO series True Blood. Langston balances his musical career with a wife, two young children and being CEO of eHarmony, the Los Angeles-based private company that helped pioneer online dating services when it launched at the height of the first technology boom in Back then the ambition of eHarmony founder and psychologist Neil Warren Clark was to help customers find the right partner for life — rather than just Saturday night — and in doing so build a robust business.

Grant Langston, global chief executive of online dating site eHarmony, says 20 minutes’ worth of questions is not too much work when you’re looking for a life partner.

Report says Jennifer Garner began dating John Miller, CEO and Stanford Law School graduate, six months before finalizing her divorce from.

The founder of WiGo, the new college party app, has hinged the success of his company on a few key things. The first is that college students live in constant fear of missing out on some big party somewhere, which seems like a pretty safe bet. The other is the reputation of two of its investors, Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, the co-founders of dating app Tinder, whose Silicon Valley status has been tarnished by a sexual harassment suit filed against the company in July.

He wanted to create a students-only social network where users could share what they were up to on any given night — and updates on any debauchery. He dropped out of school this summer, after his sophomore year, to pursue building the app full time. Kaplan, as he tells it, was a little starstruck by the executives from Tinder, a hot-or-not dating app that downplays profiles in favor of pictures.

Tinder blew up after marketing campaigns on campuses helped it catch fire with the college set, and Kaplan wanted the same kind of success for WiGo.

Startup Stories with Ben Dilts, Lucid Co-Founder and CTO

She and her now-husband Benjamin Stauffer, a film and television editor, connected on the dating app Hinge, and Jenn went on her first and only online date. Jenn realized she was in love the weekend of her 35th birthday. When it was time for dinner on Saturday night, Ben and my sister Becky set up the living room with wildflowers and candles everywhere and brown cardboard boxes covered with incredible textiles—they turned the house into a bohemian fantasy!

We all sat Indian-style in a circle and one of our favorite chefs cooked us dinner. We love dancing together, and often pick spontaneous moments to start a dance party. Now, looking back, I feel so lucky that our daughter was able to be a part of the wedding as she made it so much more meaningful.

Ben Pasternak is the CEO of his own $2 million startup Flogg Inc. He got It’s an app that combines the features of eBay and Tinder, allowing.

This attracted numerous Silicon Valley investors who were ready to fund his ideas. He did it with the help of his first iOS app named Impossible Run. It was a Geometry-based app that let users show their reflex actions. Surprisingly, he designed the game while being bored in his science class. Impossible Run was downloaded more than 1. After this, many Silicon Valley investors flocked to him, showing an interest in investing in his ideas.

His parents wanted him to finish his high school and grab a college degree.

Asian Fans Want to See Ben Askren Get Beat, Says ONE CEO

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This week we chatted to Ben Lambert, founder of Clocked, and CEO of SexToii. 1​) You won Best New Dating App with Clocked at the UK Dating Awards

Around the table are four technologists: one just launched a lesbian dating app; another recently exited his first startup and is working on a second; the other two are freelance full stack developers with packed portfolios. Here, the startup ecosystem is a photo negative of the glaringly white tech scene in the San Francisco bay area. If there was a Wakanda, this is it. Why have I not been here? Several have tested the waters of the white-dominated tech scenes in Silicon Valley or New York, and chosen to settle in Atlanta.

No one was outwardly racist to him, he adds, but every time he offered to take on a piece of a project, he was rebuffed. That sense of being underestimated and written off is echoed by Kathryn Finney, founder and CEO of digitalundivided, who went through a startup accelerator program in New York. In their second pitches, the founders all included market research, a business plan, and revenues to date, even if those earnings are currently measured in the hundreds of dollars.

Meet Grant Langston, the eHarmony CEO who backs up Ben Harper for kicks

Now, brands want in on the Tinder action. Jen Faull catches up with reinstated chief executive Sean Rad to discuss bringing the world together. My first interaction — with Stu, 29, also from London but in Cannes for the week — suggests otherwise. Four per cent still the equivalent of two million people are over With 16, swipes happening every second around the world, resulting in about matches a second, could be the year Tinder reaches critical mass. It arrived at a time when internet dating had existed long enough to be normalised, and people were more comfortable having personal details online.

The latest Tweets from Ben Rubin (@benrbn). Building @slashtalk. Founder of @​houseparty & Meerkat (acq. by @epicgames). San Francisco.

Ben started paying attention to Bitcoin back in and a year later, the Ethereum platform. He has previously worked with digital currency exchanges, data storage entities, and is currently focusing on smart contract technology and digital asset management. We started imToken with a small group of people, back in , when Ethereum was still in its early days. We wanted to offer people access to this new and exciting land of possibilities: sending tokens and owning crypto on their own devices.

At that time, blockchain was still widely unknown in Asia. But that changed quickly in the following years. Now, 3 and a half years later, we are offering more features and access to more blockchains to our users. We currently have one million people actively using our apps, most of which are based in Asia and the US. We did start pretty early, even before the ICO boom of Back then, people had a limited amount of blockchains and tokens to choose from.

The first interesting tokens started to be issued on Ethereum, and our users came looking for an easy, secure way to store those tokens.

Hitting the Glass Ceiling, Suddenly, at Pinterest

Ben Silbermann has found himself in a pretty swell spot. One of the key points he made was on the topic of mobile. Swisher was asking about Pinterest’s mobile efforts, and Silbermann suggested that in the very near future, asking such a thing would be borderline silly. It’s perhaps due to the shocking uptake of Pinterest’s apps.

TECHNOLOGY: Vet execs give guidance to furniture-buying app. of high-​profile L.A. tech entrepreneurs, including Tinder’s Sean Rad and Ben Silverman The company’s plan, said co-founder and Chief Executive Beatrice.

It’s almost hard to believe that there was a time, roughly eight years ago, when the average year-old would not have been caught dead dating online. Swiping left and swiping right: the Tinder lingo. Illustration: Dionne Gain Credit:. Like tech giants Google and Uber, Tinder has become a household name that symbolises a multi-billion-dollar sector. It was by no means the first nor the last online dating platform. Grindr, which helps gay men find other nearby singles, is largely credited with having been the first dating app of its kind.

But Tinder, with its game-ified style, was launched three years later in and popularised the format, coming to define the online dating era in a way no other app has. As many as a third of Australians have used online dating, a YouGov survey found, and this rises to half among Millennials. According to Tinder, the app has been downloaded million times globally and it claims to be responsible for 1.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad on why innovative brands need an ‘aura of naivety’

Founder Spotlight: Ben Wintle of Booky. Bringing Convenience to Filipino Lifestyle Needs. By Michaela Villaroman. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, experiencing a little bit of ease and convenience can go a long way. These are the little annoyances in life that we must have all faced at one point. And it is likely that this problem extends to different situations involving other services or establishments.

Ben Pasternak. has created an app called Flogg that’s the love child of Tinder and eBay.

Caspar Lee sits round a table at a WeWork office in London. It isn’t the environment his fans would typically expect to find him in — he’s not in front of a camera this time. Together, the two have set up a marketing agency called Influencer, which is used by social media stars to strike brand deals with advertisers. Lee had been dating his soon-to-be co-founder’s friend for about nine months.

When she told Jeffries, who at the time was already working on Influencer, he jumped at the opportunity. And so she did, and Lee initially agreed to a minute coffee. That then turned into a “three-hour creative strategy session. That was back in Jeffries, who is Influencer’s CEO, said the start-up now works with more than brands including McDonald’s and Alibaba and 6, influencers who have produced over 15, pieces of online marketing content thanks to the platform.

While it’s hard to get an accurate reading on the revenues from a fledgling industry like influencer marketing, it’s undeniable brands have been racing to take advantage of the trend. Influencers are now thought of as the new celebrities, attracting younger audiences that marketers crave. As online platforms including Instagram and YouTube now collectively reach billions of users, major global brands are upping their marketing spend to ensure they can tap into the wild growth of new media.

Tinder fires its head of comms, following her participation in a $2 billion lawsuit against Match

On the list of the largest infrastructure cloud providers, one company stands out: DigitalOcean , a six-year old startup that has not only managed to compete with the larger enterprise providers like Amazon and Microsoft, but has established itself as one of the most if not the most developer-friendly cloud providers on the market. The barriers to entry — both technical and economic — in the cloud computing market make it incredibly difficult for new startups to gain any traction, yet DigitalOcean has rapidly expanded its market share over the years.

It was a managed hosting provider, and our big competitor at the time was Rackspace.

Candid interviews with the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, LeBron James, and the founders of companies like Lyft and Tinder. Insightful stories and useful advice.

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Amanda Bradford: “A Different Kind of Dating App”