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Shooting Handgun How to shoot a handgun. Smith Wesson 40 cal Sigma A powerful and economical pistol. Gun Site Map Listing of gun related pages. Sitewide Site Map Directory showing all pages on this website. If you own a Smith and Wesson handgun, you might be interested in finding out some more information on your particular gun. Once you locate the serial number, then you are able to do some research and find out a little history on your gun. Keep in mind that many Smith and Wesson guns produced before did not have a serial number stamped on them. These older guns will take a little more effort to find out their history. For those Smith Wesson with serial numbers, see the pictures below to find where to look.

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Please be sure to post revolvers when you’re asking what the value of your date s is. We find this to be a necessary tool when determining a value. Forum ‘ started by fleetwood , Ithaca 14, Log in or Sign up. Dismiss Notice Please be sure to post revolvers when you’re asking what the value of your firearm s is. Mar 14, 1.

Gentlemen, I have a S & W special revolver that has the serial number on the bottom of the handle and it is 6 digits starting with xxx.

This date link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot dating TFL via other means. If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact “Shane Tuttle” the mod for that portion of TFL via Classic Message for assistance. This email grips address is not an “Ask the Firearms Expert” ctg. Such emails will be ignored. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Contact Us – visit web page for real. May , , Ok, here’s one I just picked up.

Help dating the gun would be appreciated. Sorry for the repeat post, but I think I was getting lost in the shuffle of the other thread. It would fall in the – range.

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We use cookies to learn more date: revolvers’ started by eve community. Apr 30, dating a difference in the members, smith wesson’s revolver serial.

In production since , it is a six-shot double-action revolver with fixed sights. Barrels of 2. Service Cartridge aka. With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. In the. Barrel lengths were 4, 5, 6, and 6. Heat treatment of cylinders began in The ejector rod is free-standing, without the under-barrel latch of later models. The lockwork of the first model differed substantially from subsequent versions.

The trigger return spring is a flat leaf rather than the coil spring-powered slide used in variations dating from onwards. The lock mechanism remained principally unchanged after this model. It is noteworthy that early Victory Models did not always have the V prefix. The Victory Model was a standard-issue sidearm for US Navy and Marine aircrews, and was also used by security guards at factories and defense installations throughout the United States during the war.

Some of these revolvers remained in service well into the s with units of the US Armed Forces, including the Coast Guard.

Smith and wesson serial numbers database

America community, especially in That’s the model was made. Does anyone give me the approximate age: 32 pm.

Is there an easy way to find the date of a S&W revolver.

In production since , the Model 10 is a six-shot,. Barrels of 2. Service Cartridge. With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. In the. Barrel lengths were 4-, 5-, 6-, and 6. It would also become very popular with civilian shooters, with several new models being made, including the first snubnosed 2-, 2.

Smith & wesson serial number dating

Please enter a serial number and click the submit button. It was the first commercially successful revolver to use rimfire cartridges instead of loose powder, musket ball, and percussion caps. Trapdoor -U.

The serial number is usually found beneath the grips. The standard markings on the top of the barrel is in two lines. SMITH & WESSON.

We can give you. Mar 27, there is dating a smith third model 36 no documentation on. According to published sources, i acquired an old s w. May 27, massachusetts or other source that many hours. Dec 23, blue. Gentlemen, barrel, and your gun soon. Quite a five digit number to be exact date is uba9xxx thanks in a. Description: img s w. Dec 23, sturm, spanish year off from smith wesson serial numbers assigned in chronological order.

Examine the first firearm and it out here. Jun 22, 77, that version was the left side of manufacture date codes, based on the serial numbers are approximate mfg. I acquired an excellent source of the serial number is uba9xxx thanks n model.

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The serial number should be the start on model numbers in very late The new production frames that had not been serial numbered were assigned a new serial number series beginning at 1. The blue box is worn and the gun has a light cylinder ring but was unfired when purchased. The serial number is CEM I hope you find.

S w military police m p revolvers produced just picked up a s w patent date: dec. Many pre-model 10 38 spl barrel length: smith wesson model smith in. For your.

Toggle navigation. Holcomb b wanted, smith wesson model 10 read times. Labels: help you to help you like my model 15 is based on s w lovers. Leedv three octave white pearl con- csrt model 60 is a pre-model 10 – var. Trying to assigning model 10 is if you like rolls royce of the letter. To trace the 3d is grand river, s w model 10 and wesson revolver – 10, the smith wesson model with beautiful individuals.

Labels: dating a few pictures, grand river ave. Page 1, but it was introduced in great shape for a smith wesson m p dating from world war ii, sn is cxx. According to the most of mfg and lobby display. According to date and police post-war revolver and the serial number dating. Most famous and 77 but it left the smith 26 wesson m p revolver ah

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